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May 24, 2024 2 min read

If you've ever seen a therapist at a spa use their hands back and forth, karate-chopping up and down the back, you'll understand what the percussion massager is trying to imitate. The real benefit of percussion is that it relieves stress when bouncing.

Bouncing Percussion Aids Blood Flow

When a massage gun strikes soft tissue with percussion, it manually drives blood through the tissue. If you've ever pushed your thumb down on your skin and then moved your thumb away, you'll see a crimson mark where blood flows back into the spot you squeezed out.

Blood transports nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help repair damaged cells and tissue. This is why percussion massage is beneficial since it circulates fresh blood to the wounded region, rebuilding vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The body does this naturally, but when tissue and muscles get tight and uncomfortable, they impede blood flow, causing healing to take longer. Percussion massage speeds up the repair process by bringing new blood and nutrients into the wounded region like any other massage.

So keep that in mind whenever you use your percussion massager at home. Consider how to circulate blood into that injured region rather than simply holding it in one place. Move it across the area in various ways, back and forth, up and down, remembering your aim to circulate blood flow.

Lactic Acid Release Through Percussion Massage

Massage gun bouncing on tissue helps blood circulation and releases lactic acid. Lactic acid release causes itching in certain persons. Any massage that pushes on the soft tissue will release locked it a sin as we use our muscles and the muscle is deprived of oxygen, lactic acid will build up on the muscle some of it will go away after exercise.

Some of it will remain as trigger points and painful muscles. However, soreness is a natural aspect of the healing process. It's not bad, but it might persist for longer than we'd want, and percussion massage can help speed up the healing process. When a massage gun bounces over an area, the percussion brings fresh blood while expelling lactic acid.