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A wellness and recovery routine as dynamic as you are

The RecovaSmart app learns from your real-time performance and activity, integrating with Strava and Apple Health to recommend self-directed, personalized wellness methods that can be used on your Bluetooth®-enabled devices.

Recovapro app on smart phone devices

Discover the Recovapro App

Bespoke Recovery Routines
Integration with Leading Health Apps
Set Speed , Control Force and get instant pressure feedback
Bluetooth® Device Connection
Recovapro app on smart phone devices

Bespoke Recovery Routines

Created by experts. Tailored to you.

The RecovaSmart app learns from the routines you use the most and suggests customised recovery routines tailored to you via integration with Apple Health and Strava. Check out our curated library of routines based on your favourite exercises, injuries, ailments and weaknesses.

Detailed Recovery Guidance

An engaging, guided experience

Visualise your recovery with a high-quality 3D model that helps you treat precisely the right muscles. You will also find suggestions for additional areas that will help treat the muscle groups you are focusing on, as well as attachment recommendations.

Recovapro app on smart phone devices
Recovapro app on smart phone devices

Set Speed and Control Force

You’re always in control

Seamlessly designed and straightforward to use, all the app's features can be explored with a single swipe, so you can easily control the app while using the Recovapro Massager. With feedback on speed control and applied force between 1400-3200 percussions per minute, your body can tell you what feels best.

The Recovapro app adapts to your goals and needs in real-time and is by your side every step of your recovery journey. That is the power of RecovaSmart. The Smart Percussion Therapy application.

Recovapro app on smart phone devices

By analysing your Recovapro app profile and wearable data, including your workout routines, the duration of your workouts, types of activities, and steps, RecovaSmart can evaluate and recommend the best warm-up and recovery routines for you.

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