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November 21, 2020 4 min read

Every Athlete and Sportsperson wants to train harder for longer. At the same time, they want to recover faster. In the past, there were few if any methods of recovering other than was humanly natural and any equipment used to help was not really helpful at all. RecovaPro has helped professional footballers, athletes, boxers, cricketers and others at the peak of their sporting code to recover effectively in less time. Our superb technology has changed the way they train and allowed them to reach levels of fitness that were once close to impossible to attain.

Black Friday: Recover Better for 20% Less

Recovapro is not just for professional sportspeople but is changing the lives of countless active people. We want to help everyone have a happier healthier lifestyle and make their training and workouts the best they have ever experienced. Your recovery from exercise or training is important and this Black Friday you can experience a new way to recover for 20% less. This year we are extending black Friday from 27th to 30th November and giving 20% off every Recovapro product.

Who and what is Recovapro?

Based in Gravesend, Recovapro has developed a selection of high-quality recovery devices for sportsmen and women. Once the domain of only the professionals at the peak of their discipline and hugely expensive, recovery devices have advanced considerably in the last decade. More people are aware of the benefits of faster recovery from exercise and RecovaPro has seized the opportunity to deliver a solution. With a range of recovery equipment developed from the exact same technology used by professionals, the RecovaPro products bring a new element to a good workout or game.

20% Off the Recovapro SE Massage Gun

Your tired muscles will love you for buying the Recovapro SE and you will never regret it. This flagship product has 20% off the normal price this Black Friday from 27th to 30Th November. Recently reviewed by a top running website this impressive device received an outstanding 4.8 stars boosted to a full 5 stars when the RecovaPro lite was introduced to the range (see below).

 Recovapro Se

This amazing device uses tiny vibrations to wake up those tired muscles after a long performance or strenuous workout. With its amazing Glide technology, the RecovaPro SE is powerful yet gentle and smooth making recovery easy, effective, efficient and above all that much faster. The range of attachments that come with this superb tool ensure even those hard to reach muscles are warmed and woken up. With a 20% discount on this impressive, professional tool your workouts and recovery will never the same. You will be able to work out, train or play for longer as your fitness levels grow. You will feel amazing after using the device and you certainly won’t regret your purchase. Order your RecovaPro SEfor 20% off this Black Friday.


Get the RecovaPro Lite for 20% less this Black Friday

The award-winning RecovaPro Liteis a breakthrough in muscle recovery and muscle pain relief technology. More than just a little sister to the RecovaPro SE the RecovaPro Lite is a breath of fresh air in so many ways. With 20% off on this impressive device this Black Friday you will never regret spending your money. Perfect for sportsmen and women but also ideal for those who just have tired, aching muscles in any part of the body.

 Recovapro Lite

Proven to give relief to arthritis sufferers the RecovaPro Lite comes with 4 attachments that address various parts of the body. With the very same Glide Technology this “massage device” floats effortlessly over clothing and delivers a hearty burst of regenerating vibration that soothes and massages even the most tender muscles. No matter how young or old you are, whether you are an aching older person or a stressed-out businessperson the RecovaPro Lite will be the best investment you could make. Order your RecovaPro Lite for 20% off this Black Friday weekend

Get the RecovaBall for 20% off this Black Friday

The RecovaBall from RecovaPro is one of our most innovative and advanced sports products on the market today. Using a controlled balance of pressure and vibration the overall performance of your body is enhanced to its peak. This Black Friday this cutting edge solution has 20% off allowing you to experience something that will revolutionise how to train and perform. Perfect for all ages and all levels of sport from complete novice to professional.

 Recovapro Vibrating massage ball

Using the RocovaBall any sportsperson can improve their overall performance, improve recovery, enhance flexibility and extend mobility reducing the risk of injury and giving a tremendous sense of well-being. With 20% off this Black Friday, your investment in this amazing device will be more than rewarded both on and off the field.

Invest in your health with Black Friday Savings

Health is wealth and RecovaPro know this better than anyone else. Whether you are looking for a device to help improve your performance on and off the sports field, something the improves your recovery and recovery time after exercise or just something to relieve the aches and pains of life RecovaPro has the solution. With 20% off this Black Friday, you can invest in your health and feel the rewards almost instantly. RecovaPro makes an ideal Christmas present for someone sporty in your life, so shop early and save 20%.

Due to current restrictions and the health pandemic sales must go through our online store. As soon as we can our demonstration store will be open once again.