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December 24, 2022 3 min read

Have you ever wondered what NBA players wear those tight sleeves for?

Individual players may be seen wearing tights and arm sleeves on the court while watching an NBA game. Basketball players wearing compression tights during games may appear strange at first, but doing so has health benefits. 

What Exactly are Compression Garments?

Compression garments are made of a spandex-like material that wraps firmly around your body. Compression pants, shorts, and leggings comprise lightweight, breathable fabric. Compression garments, while being lightweight, have numerous health benefits when worn. Compression leggings, for example, can enhance blood circulation back to your heart while also protecting your legs from harsh landings.

Why Do NBA Players Wear These Tight Sleeves During Games?

A regular NBA season consists of 82 games, not including playoff games. During the season, players must perform at their peak, and compression gear can assist. Compression leggings, for example, help lessen swelling from a hard fall during a game and serious leg injuries caused by a lack of blood circulation. In addition, anywhere players can stay on the court without injury can help any club in the league.

Compression Garments Increases Blood Flow

Wearing compression clothes helps improve blood circulation and enhance oxygen flow. Compression stockings enhance blood circulation by squeezing the leg tissues and walls of your veins. As a result, blood can be pushed back to the heart by squeezing the leg tissues. With this effect, various benefits can be provided, including:

1. Protection Against Future Injuries:  to protect their legs from harm, most basketball players wear leg sleeves. Basketball puts a lot of strain on the knees, ankles, calves, and feet, and the NBA schedule is challenging and demanding, with clubs playing three to four games weekly. Many games can result in various unpleasant lower leg problems, including tendonitis, sprains, and shin splints. Basketball players have discovered that wearing leg sleeves can help prevent these injuries by increasing blood flow and circulation. Leg sleeves function similarly to compression shorts in keeping the area warm and supportive.

Lower-body compression garments can help reduce muscle discomfort. While no detailed study shows increased performance while wearing compression clothes, using compression materials can lessen the probability of more severe injuries. Because NBA players play more than 80 games per season, they aim to minimize the amount of wear and tear on their bodies during the season.

2. Helps with DOMS:  following games, NBA players have a muscular fever, also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Wearing full-length compression clothes can help to relieve this psychical pain. Wearing compression garments is analogous to a cold bath to recuperate your muscles after working out.

Compression garments help relieve soreness caused by micro-tears and reduce muscular strains. Micro-tears occur during training sessions such as weight lifting, where your muscles slightly tear to regenerate. Compression gear can aid in recovery from these training sessions.

3. Increased Performance:  basketball players, like all athletes, seek whatever competitive advantage they can get. Leg sleeves can help players enhance their jumping ability and overall flexibility. This is due to enhanced blood flow and improved blood circulation.

Leg sleeves also aid in the reduction of muscle soreness and tiredness. This is especially useful for teams that play on consecutive nights. A player with less muscle discomfort is more likely to perform better.

Leg sleeves are also sleek and fashionable. Again, it may be a minor psychological advantage, but athletes perform better when they believe they look well. 


While compression sleeves are worn during games, recovery boots are mainly used after any game or strenuous activity.

Recovery boots can help you recover from any sport and elevate your game to the next level. The best-kept secret in professional sports is recovery footwear. Scientists, coaches, and professional athletes all recognize the ability of air compression to propel players to the next level, and it has become a fixture in professional locker rooms and a favourite of Olympic competitors.

When air compression boots first became popular in the NBA, athletes had few options for purchasing their units. Several firms now provide high-quality air compression boots at reasonable prices, allowing you to achieve top performance. Check Recovapro Air.


Air compression therapy is a medically sound and scientifically proven method that aids lymphatic drainage. This originally started as a therapy for patients in hospitals with conditions that affected their lymphatic system but has been recently adopted by the sports world.

Basketball players worldwide insist on using air compression boots because they help them take their performance to the next level and compete harder. In addition, air compression boots reduce swelling, help with pain, aid muscle recovery, diminish the appearance of scars, prevent injuries, fight off infection, aid in weight loss, and feel great.