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April 03, 2021 2 min read

Something HOT and SMART is coming!!!

If you’re already amazed by the awesome health benefits of traditional cupping therapy, then wait till you’ll get surprised what this new technology does when it combines the all-good ancient cupping technique with other forms of health therapies to give you the ultimate therapeutic and relaxing experience guaranteed to capture your heart and become part your daily necessities.

The Smart Cupping Therapy

This all-in-one recovery tool comes with a smart feature by putting together cupping, vibration, and red light therapy in one compact and portable device. It’s perfect for athletes, office workers, and others who engage in physically demanding activities and need some time off for a little pampering.

  1. The Smart Cupping Therapy sets the stage by providing adequate suction to the targeted body part for better and localized treatment.
  2. The Smart Vibration Therapy delivers soothing massage to achieve comfort from aches by gently relieving tense muscles through increased blood flow.
  3. The Smart Red Light Therapy boosts the combined effects of cupping and massage by activating cells to produce more energy for repair to recover and heal faster.

But wait, there's more!!!

A team of experts from the healthcare and fitness fields is working with health product engineers and manufacturers to create a smart cupping therapy tool that not only includes cupping, vibration, and red light therapies, but also comes with a built-in heat compress in an all-in-one recovery device.

  • The Smart Heating Function helps to promote blood circulation and relieve your body pain more effectively.

That's a total package, and it becomes even smarter!!! It's not merely a cupping therapy. It's SMART CUPPING THERAPY. And when it’s SMART

  • It’s simple and easy to use

    – This tool works its magic with just a touch of a button. You’ll experience an astonishingly invigorating and totally relaxing experience that will soothe your aching muscles effortlessly.
  • It’s convenient and efficient

    – Its compact size makes it an ideal recovery tool for people who’s always on the go but needs to enjoy some time for relaxation to free out tensions in minutes.
  • It’s innovative and clever

    – This small precision tool incorporates in its design the optimum effects of the three treatment techniques for more effective therapeutic effects.

If you’re already fed up and you don’t have time to go to a spa or massage clinic, then you should have this one-of-a-kind Smart Cupping Device.

Reserve your own! Pre-Order coming soon to UK.

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