Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


August 19, 2020 3 min read



"Training is tough on my body, riding is tough on my body, day-to-day life is tough on my body; therefore, every gain I can make through recovery is utterly vital to progressing in the sport and getting to that next race win… Since having the opportunity to use Recovapro, we've seen these marginal gains turn into an explosion of boosted physical performance...” 



Every biker aims to conquer the extraordinary, and whatever it takes to attain it is unnoticed, even the pain. All the amount of effort, grit, and strength are pulled off from within the deepest parts of the human body, and the mental toughness, perseverance, and passion are powered from the mind and the heart. All the skeletal muscles, as well as the heart, are driven to exhaustion but continuously work to get one farther and faster. All are ignored for the love of the sport.

Upward and through the pain… these seem to be what’s in the minds of many mountain bikers as they surmount the uphill terrains under the searing heat of the sun, pushing their limits while enduring the pains, which undoubtedly an ongoing and constant companion. This won’t stop them and in fact, sees it as a motivation to measure the extent of their abilities and stretch it further up the variable course. It’s all in the mind and psychological, and enduring the pain on a mountain bike ride makes them not just mentally tough but also physically stronger. Alternately cycling through the legs continuously pumps up those large muscles to steer them up and keep their momentum in completing the climb.


It’s a mental game while nearing the top as they keep on telling their bodies to keep up with their minds. At the summit, a feeling of slight relief and a fresh breath of air give fulfillment for a goal successfully completed. As the cold wind touches their sweaty skin, calming and relaxing their tired bodies, a spectacular panoramic view of endless clouds allows them to reflect on their ascent amidst an unparalleled sight. A feeling only they can describe. 

Although not as difficult as the climb, the descent is still as agonizing as ever because one should have more control, along with the adrenaline rush. The intense pain felt on cycling uphill becomes a feeling of excitement that finally another successful ride is in the books.  


We all know how it feels to be a supporter or a follower – a fan, but many of us haven't really gotten experienced being the center of attention and giving your admirers the joy they deserve to feel. Many of us don’t know how it feels to bear all the fatigue, the heat, and the pain just for the sake of the sports. For every injury our superstar endures should be a piece of smile and gratitude we could give back as a fan to show appreciation for a show well done.

Everybody deserves a rest and some time off from the road for a little pampering and relaxation in order to feel revived and ready to take on whatever the next bicycle adventure has in store… but whatever it is that awaits, at the end of the day, you’ll go home to your family with a sigh relief that everything is going to be ok… and with Recovapro, there is always time to recover… 


"I love using Recovapro while watching films in the evening with my family,... What an incredible machine this is. Thank you Recovapro for coming into my life with such a bang..." – Ben