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February 09, 2023 2 min read

Cable machines can be found in practically any gym across the country, but the attachments, cables, and levers can be scary for new and experienced gym visitors. Even though each machine is slightly different, understanding the basic principles can help you overcome your cable phobias and gain confidence to use this incredibly versatile machine. So let us get back to the basics!

What exactly is a cable machine?

Cable equipment is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. A cable machine is a massive metal structure with weight stacks that can be raised and lowered using a cable and pulley system. Attachments, commonly called "grips," are clipped to the cables. There are usually a few distinct places where grips can be attached (depending on the manoeuvre), making this equipment quite versatile. Furthermore, grips come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to perform even more movements.

The advantages of using cable equipment

Cable machines are a terrific method to add diversity to your fitness routine because they allow you to complete a wide range of workouts. In addition, it's a terrific tool for strengthening your back, arms, chest, legs, and pretty much any other muscle area in your body because of its flexibility.

For example, suppose you're a regular free-weight user who has reached a plateau. In that case, the American Council on Exercise recommends switching cable machine routines for your usual barbell and dumbbell lifts for a few weeks to assist you in overcoming your plateau. In addition, the continuous tension required to lift and lower the weight stacks makes cable machine workouts ideal for strength training.

Cable machines are also known as the most adaptable gym equipment since they may target many sections of the body. The cable you connect to, the attachment you select, and even how you hold it can all impact which muscles feel the heat.

These exercises are so good for any functional movement that cable machines have a second name: functional trainers. The advantages of working out with cable equipment range from enhancing your golf swing to providing the strength to carry all your groceries in one trip.

The Bottom Line

Cable workouts are a fantastic method to add diversity to your workout while gaining strength and working your muscles from different angles. If you're new to training or need to learn how to operate the cable machine, consult a professional personal trainer.

Recovapro will also release cable-based strength training equipment that will allow you to execute any exercise routine anywhere without needing a complex cable system – cables and pulleys.

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