Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


October 16, 2021 1 min read

Circulation plays an essential role in soft tissue healing. It’s important in the regeneration and repair of damaged soft tissues. Active muscle contraction can enhance circulation and supplies an injured part with more blood, and so more oxygen and nutrients. When you move about, your muscles squeeze your blood vessels and force the blood to get moving. However, during an injury, it’s difficult to move, and thus, reduces the amount of blood flow to the injury. There are ways to improve circulation, and one of which is through vibration.


The application of local vibration device produces a cycle of muscle contraction and relaxation, and creates a pumping action on the blood vessels, helping them to send sustenance while  flushing out waste products away from the injured tissues.

  • Enhanced blood flow allows enhanced oxygenation and delivery of nutrients to the injury
  • Enhanced lymph flow speeds up waste removal


When circulation is poor, swelling, tightness, tension, and pain can increase. Recovapro can improve circulation through mechanical stimulation via localized vibration and help decrease pain, reduce swelling, and speed up healing.

DISCLAIMER:Vibration therapy through massage guns can enhance circulation. It is not a substitute, however, to exercises. For best results, use your massage gun as an adjunct to exercise to boost its effects, specifically at increasing blood flow to an injury.