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July 21, 2023 2 min read

Every rider who has spent a reasonable amount of time on their bike, from the most committed riders to the casual pedaller, has experienced the terrible experience that is cramp.

You can stretch out, warm up, and cool down as many times as you want; sometimes, you can't escape it after a long day in the saddle. Your quads and glutes tense, spasms develop, and then pain.

One of the most effective techniques to relieve cramps for a long time was to apply intense sports massage to the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. This works. However, it has been unworkable up till now. You could only profit from sports massage if you were fortunate enough to have someone trained in sports massage with you.

Fortunately, modern bikers have more options available to them. The portable massage gun is one of them.

What exactly is Riders Cramp?

Muscle cramps occur when your muscles spasm and contract involuntarily, generating immediate and severe discomfort in the affected area. Cramps are usually innocuous, but they are hindering, and when they occur in the middle of a ride, it might be challenging to continue riding until they have passed.

Cramps can occur for various reasons, many of which relate to cyclists who spend extended periods on their bikes. For example, cramps might occur due to prolonged sitting, poor blood circulation, dehydration, or electrolyte depletion. Magnesium, an essential electrolyte, is found in bananas.

Cramps can also arise due to nerve compression, such as when bent over in the saddle on a cold day. 

Massage Gun and Riders Cramp

A massage gun is fantastic for preventing and decreasing cramps. With its compact profile and extended battery life, we recommend that at least one member of the riding group carry one.

One of the most common causes of cramps is inadequate blood flow circulation. Improved circulation is one of the primary advantages of regular massage gun therapy. This means that using a massage gun regularly will assist in preventing cramps.

When cramps occur during a ride, a powerful percussion massage can halt them. Therefore, A massage gun is valuable when cycling in a group and a lifesaver for people who prefer to cycle alone and don't have a friend to help massage their strained muscles mid-ride.


A massage gun most likely does not fix all of your problems and catapult you to the Tour of Britain in one instant, but it will let you exercise harder, sleep better, recover faster, and have a higher chance of avoiding rider cramps.